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The Owner of Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel

Sarah Block 

Sarah has over sixteen years experience as a cat owner; having loved and nursed her treasured ones through good times and sad. The paw print on the DL logo is that of her beloved cat Sober, whom Sarah rescued in February 2006 and who sadly passed away in January 2016 at the grand age of 18 years.

Sarah currently lives with her cats Jojo and Piper who were in desperate need of a loving home. Sarah hopes to continue to support the rescue and rehoming of animals.

Sarah is dedicated to caring for your animals as much as you do to make sure they aren’t missing home too much.

She has carried out a lot of research and training and is now studying a Level 5 Feline Behaviour course and hoping to progress to Level 6 Animal Behaviour.

Sarah is a qualified small animal hydrotherapist and groomer.

Sarah has completed:

  • Level 3 iPet Grooming and Introduction to Styling
  • Level 3 ABC Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy
  • Level 3 CPD Certificate Cattery Management 
  • CPD Certificate Kittens and Feline First Aid
  • CPD Certificate Anxiety and Stress in Cats
  • Level 3 CPD Certificate Animal Psychology
  • CPD Certificate Animal Care
  • CPD Certificate Veterinary Support Assistant 

Sarah is not only dedicated to caring for your pet, but is conscious of safety, cleanliness and the environment and has completed:

  • CPD Certificate in COVID-19: Disease Control for Pet Professionals
  • CPD Certificate in Dealing with Fleas
  • CPD Certificate Infection Prevention and Control
  • Level 2 Certificate Fire Safety
  • CPD Certificate Environmental Waste Management Disposal

Sarah is a qualified teacher and had been teaching and managing in education for over fifteen years; specialising in the field of special educational needs. As a result, she has experience of working with a wide range of professionals and carers and has an up to date DBS check.


Our Journey So Far…

We Are Licensed!


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I have always worked hard building a career in education. Working up the ranks from a trainer, to teacher, curriculum manager and then a team manager at a Local Authority. Whilst I loved teaching and it was extremely rewarding at times I have always had a passion to work with

Happy New Year


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The Work Continues… The cattery now has power!! The heaters are on, the lights are on! We’ve been working hard to dig trenches and lay water and soil pipes and now the driveway is being re-laid. It’s a slow process, but work continues!

The Build Begins


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Peticular Pens Ltd have arrived and the cattery build is underway! I’m so excited and cannot wait until 10th November, when the build is complete. Next will be the electrics, flooring, finishing touches and landscaping.

The Foundations Are In!


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Work has been completed on the cat hotel foundations Work will begin on the cat hotel build on 5th November 2018. We expect that, with finishing touches and landscaping to completed the build will be complete in early January 2019! We anticipate our license will be granted without issue and

So It Begins


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A little video of our plans

The Hard Work Continues


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Getting Ready For The Launch The work continues and there is a lot to do, with much needed help of my dad and partner Owen! The garden had a complete overhaul in March 2017, with the removal of overgrown trees and shrubs and work continues with weeding and planting. I

Full Steam Ahead


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Planning Permission Is Granted Dulverton Lodge Is On The Map Croydon Council have granted planning permission to develop a state of the art cat hotel in the heart of Selsdon. INSERT GALLERY IMAGES HERE