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Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 10:00 to 17:00

Dulverton Lodge Hotel Suites

Private Suite

State of the art uPVC, hygienic thermo room for sleeping, with private relaxation and play area.

Spacious enough to lodge two cats (from the same family), or a family, with removal of the lodge wall panel

Charged per day (including day of arrival and collection)

Normal operating hours are between 10am and 5pm Monday to Saturday. Additional opening hours are available upon request, agreed in advance, for an additional fee, including Sunday mornings.

£14.50 per day (One cat)

£21.00 per day (Two cats)

Prices for three or more cats are available on request


There is an additional charge for:

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday


per day

Included In Their Stay

Complimentary Kitty Postcard

You will receive a personalised postcard from your kitty to tell you all about their stay!

Holiday Update

An email or text update to put your mind at ease!


Bespoke feeding plans to meet the needs of your cat. Your kitty's own routine will be maintained!

Kitty Cuddles

To help your cat feel loved during their stay

Play Sessions

Fun times and play sessions with your kitty throughout the day to keep them active and engaged!

Vet Care Insurance

Have peace of mind that your cat is fully insured while away

Cat Vetting

All cats are vetted, with details of their health provided

Optional Extras

Thrive Treats 100% natural, additive free snacks. Made from 100% fish or chicken and kitty gets to take the rest home at the end of their stay! £2.50 per tube
Miamor Liver Pâté Cream Delicious liver pâté cream is a tasty treat for your cat. It encourages a healthy metabolism, has no added sugar and is free from colours and preservatives. Available in portion sachets. £1.60 for 6 sachets
Catessy Sticks A tasty grain-free cat treat, easy-to-digest snacks. £1.20 for 10 sticks
Dreamies Crunchy treat, with creamy flavoured filling and your kitty gets to take the rest of the bag home at the end of their stay! £0.75 per 30g bag
Catessy Cat Milk Lactose reduced cat milk, easy to digest, enriched with vitamins and taurine. Give your kitty a daily milky treat! £3.50
Full Pamper Groom

Remove matted fur, as needed, undercoat and top coat groom, massage, coat refresh, using Pet Head Shampoo Spray, and final coat smoothing (for heavily matted fur an additional charge may be incurred)

Classic Groom

Coat brush, undercoat and top coat groom and final coat smoothing

Express Groom

Top coat brush, comb and final coat smoothing


Prices above are for Long/Short hair respectively

Special Dietary Requirements, or Specialist Food Dulverton Lodge provides well known branded foods, but owners may incur an additional charge for special dietary requirements or specialist food. Contact us for further information 15% additional charge may be added to your booking
Kitty Updates Bespoke daily updates, photos, text messages and slideshows £10.00
Capstar Flea Treatment Your cat's flea treatment should be veterinary supplied and applied before their stay, but if you forget Dulverton Lodge may apply it for you! £10.00 per treatment
Dronspot Worming Treatment Your cat's worming treatment should be veterinary supplied and applied before their stay, but if you forget Dulverton Lodge may apply it for you! £10.00 per treatment