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Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 10:00 to 17:00

Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel takes its responsibilities very seriously and as a result asks you to agree to the following terms and conditions for a safe and happy stay:

Booking and Boarding

Boarding rates are charged on a daily basis, including day of arrival and departure and includes food, bedding, litter and insurance. During your cat’s stay you consent to your cat using the bedding, toys and litter provided. Should your cat have a favourite toy, or bedding please feel free to bring it with them. 

Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel provides popular branded food. If your cat prefers specialist food, or has dietary requirements you are welcome to provide this. Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel may provide specialist food, but this will incur an additional charge.

A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the full fee is required upon completion of our booking form, which will be sent to you. You may pay either by cash or bank transfer. Your booking will not be secured, until your deposit has been received. Any outstanding balance due is payable on or before the first day of your cat’s stay. Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel is closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Additional opening hours are available upon request, agreed in advance, for an additional fee, including Sunday mornings. Holiday premium charges are applied at festive times of the year. Please see our Services page for details.

Cancellation or amendment to your booking within one month of the booking start date will require you to pay for the booking in full. Cancellation within two months of your booking start date will require you pay 50% of the remaining balance. It is advisable you ensure your travel insurance policy covers your cat’s boarding fees.

Provisional bookings will be held for a maximum of 5 days and confirmed once the required deposit is received. For bookings during the festive period (which include 23rd December through to 2nd January) full payment will be required at the time of booking, which is non-refundable.

Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel reserves the right to review its charges and will notify patrons of any changes in advance. All changes will be reviewed annually from 1st January.

Should you wish to visit Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel, before confirming your booking please contact us to book an appointment in advance.

By completing the booking form owners agree to these terms and conditions.

Visiting Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel

Visits to Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel are by appointment only.

You will be asked on your booking form to confirm these times. Should times need to be amended please email  or phone Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel as soon as possible. You will be contacted closer to the time of your booking to confirm. Please note Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel closes at 5pm, unless previously agreed in advance, and this must be taken into account when making your booking. If you are unable to collect your cat before this time it may result in an out of hours charge, or an additional nights stay, for which you will be charged at the normal daily rate. Alternatively, you may need to make other suitable arrangements for your cat to be collected.

Missed appointments or delays to your visit may result in missed play times, late feeding times, or late medication administration. It also avoids appointment clashes, so that you and your cat(s) may receive one to one service. 

Health and Medical

All cats must be vaccinated annually for infectious feline enteritis and feline respiratory disease. Vaccines must be administered at least seven days before their first day of stay. Kittens must have had their full set of vaccinations at least two weeks prior to their first date of stay. You will be required to provide proof of vaccination before the commencement of your booking. Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel reserves the right to cancel your cat’s booking, should you fail to provide evidence of their vaccination in advance. Owners will still be charged for the duration of their stay

All cats must be checked and treated for fleas and worms prior to their stay. Only vet prescribed treatments are suitable for those staying at Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel and it is advised your cat be on a regular flea and worming regime. You will be asked to provide the name of your chosen brand at the time of booking. Should your cat arrive requiring flea or worming treatment Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel reserves the right to apply the necessary treatment. Capstar Flea Treatment/Fleascreen Combo, or Dronspot will be applied at an additional charge of £10 per treatment per cat.

Owners must inform Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel of any existing or historical medical conditions at the time of booking and on arrival. Whilst every care will be taken to ensure the good health and well-being of your cat Dulverton Lodge cat Hotel cannot be held responsible for any unexpected illness, or death. All cats are boarded entirely at the owner’s risk. All cats over the age of six months must be neutered or spayed.

Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel reserves the right to contact the owner’s veterinary surgeon to discuss any past or current medical conditions in the event of illness or injury. Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel will ensure your cat is well cared for, but in the unfortunate event that your cat becomes ill, or should pass away, we accept no liability.

Regular health and behaviour checks are carried out throughout the day at Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel to help monitor your cat and ensure they are happy and comfortable. Should your cat become ill during their stay your own vet will be contacted in the first instance, and any veterinary bills incurred for treatment will be for paid by you. If we are unable to contact you, or your emergency contact provided by you, you give authority to Dulverton Lodge Cat Hotel to make decisions on your behalf, for any medical care needs your cat may require.