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Advice from the British Veterinary Association for Cat Owners

Advice and information is changing on a regular basis and it is a little confusing for pet owners. Veterinary practices have been advised by the British Veterinary Association to carry out emergency treatment only and this means annual vaccinations are currently not being administered.

You may have heard of the case of the tiger at the Bronx Zoo, who contracted the COVID-19 virus and exhibited symptoms. It appears cats may be susceptible to infection from respiratory droplets – virus particles suspended in air that people cough, sneeze or breathe out and may be able to transmit it to other cats. There still seems to be no evidence, at the moment, that cats pass the virus to humans.

Owners are being urged to take similar precautions with their pets, such as social distancing from pets which aren’t their own. If you do pet other animals ensure you wash your hands afterwards.

A BBC News article published provided a rather confusing message regarding keeping cats indoors. However, the British Veterinary Association has now published some clarification. They advise that cats only need to be kept indoors, if they are living in a household showing signs of infection. You should also take care that keeping your cat indoors does not cause undue stress, which may develop into other health issues. 

Keep safe and if you have any concerns read advice provided by the British Veterinary Association and Government information.

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