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Pet Grooms

Sarah has experience of handling cats with sensitivity and care. She provides a professional, one to one service, with pet welfare at the heart of all her tailored, individual grooms.

She can provide a full pampering grooming service, which includes a full brush out to remove dead hair, de-matting (as required, either combing or clipping), nail clipping, ear and eye clean, hygiene clip, coat thinning to reduce thickness, a dry or wet bath to remove dirt and debris.

Sarah can clip your cat, if matting is severe and can give your cat a lion cut, if required and requested. This may incur an additional charge.

Sarah is happy to discuss your cat’s needs and always works with the best interest of your cat in mind. If a simple hygiene treatment is required please do get in touch. All grooms are finished with a coat conditioning treatment and nourishing paw balm.

Long Hair Feline Pamper Groom

(approximately 60 - 90 minutes)

£45.00 - £50.00

Short Hair Feline Pamper Groom

(approximately 60 - 90 minutes)


Lion Cut

(approximately 90 minutes)

£55.00 - £60.00

Hygeine Groom
Nail clipping, ears and eyes cleaning, bottom trim (approximately 45-60 minutes)


Feline Nail Clip
Clipping nails on all paws (approximately 30 minutes)


Medium Breed Canine Pamper Groom
Bath, dry, coat clip, or hand strip, clipping nails (approximately 120 - 150 minutes)


Small Breed Canine Pamper Groom
Bath, dry, coat clip, or hand strip, clipping nails (approximately 120 - 150 minutes)


Flea Treatment

Flea comb, flea powder administered


Flea Treatment and Flea Bath

Wet bath with Flea Shampoo, to kill and repell fleas, dry, flea comb, flea powder administered


Tick Removal

Full body check and tick removal


Dulverton Lodge Pet Spa offers a wide range of services for other pets, including professional dog grooming. This includes full groom for small to medium breeds; bathing, clipping, trimming, blending, hygiene trim, ear and eye cleaning and nail clipping. Again, Sarah adopts ethical practices, with positive behaviour techniques for animal welfare. As a result, her grooms are on a one to one basis and are not constrained by time. This is to ensure your dog is as relaxed, happy and safe as possible.

Sarah also has experience of handling rabbits and can provide hygiene clipping services and baths, as required.

Enquire at Dulverton Lodge Pet Spa for further information.