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Fleas can cause real misery to our pets. They live on our pets and in our home. They can make our pets itchy and uncomfortable and this may lead to skin problems, particularly if your pet has allergies and is sensitive.

Fleas are a problem all year round. They do prefer the warmer weather in the summer months. However, with central heating in our homes fleas can thrive in the winter months too.

Fleas have four stages to their life cycle, eggs, larvae, pupae and adult flea. It is important to find the right treatment to tackle the different stages. Speak with your vet for advice. Some stages of the flea cycle can lay dormant for months.
Treat your pet regularly, usually every month. Treatments provided by your vet on prescription are much stronger than over the counter products and can kill flea eggs, as well as adult fleas. This reduces the cycle of the infestation.

Fleas can be difficult to spot. Your pet may show no signs of having them. They may be scratching more than usual and look for signs of ‘flea dirt’. These are small, dark flecks on their fur, skin on the floor and on surfaces. To determine if they are flea dirt wet them. If they turn red this is a sign of blood, which the flea has passed.

Also, think about treating your home. Vacuum, particularly in dark and harder to reach places, furnishings and carpets and consider purchasing flea spray,  but never use house flea spray on your pet. Empty your vacuum cleaner to also minimise the risk of further infestation.

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